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Inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, Wild Season is a farming simulation with a mature depth to it that will interest the older audience.

Having played both Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, I have high expectations of Wild Season. I look forward to once again maintaining a virtual farm and developing relationships with pixels, while my real life is put on hold.

Being older, I am interested in dealing with mature issues because of the challenge it will offer, as I found Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing quickly became repetitive due to the simple nature of both games. This is likely due to their target audience being younger than a 15-year-old male, but nevertheless, I hope Wild Season will captivate me successfully.

All of the characters are being designed with a unique background and personality which makes me feel as though Wild Season is trying to add a level of role-playing into the mix. It doesn’t say it on their Kickstarter page, but it would be nice if they had it in their minds. RPGs make for hours of game-play that allow me to lead another life where I don’t have to worry about the pages of homework I have due in the following day.

Reading the story on their Kickstarter page, I am disappointed. If that is all they have for the background of the main character, it would be a shame. I would love to re-visit my own past and learn why the mafia targeted me while I try to lead my life anew in a strange town.

The idea of having characters notice what I get up to and reacting makes me more cautious about running around my farm in a tutu for fear of having to explain it to them. As far as I can tell, the only time that happened in Animal Crossing was when you barged into someone and they got furious at you and wouldn’t take for a while. Wild Season, please do not make the reactions as harsh and imminent. Allow me the chance to attempt to recover the situation, or more likely dig myself a bigger hole.

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UPDATE #1: Wild Season was successfully funded on December 28th.

– Callum

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