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‘Everything we’ve been taught about the Creation is a lie. The true story of the genesis has been lost to the ages. Our ancestors failed to preserve the truth, and the purpose of our existence has been forgotten.’

Exgenesis is a point and click adventure game being developed by 48h Studios. It is their second commercial release, after Avoid: Sensory Overload, and they have decided to go with a unique graphical style. The combination of real photos and computer graphics gives this strange mixture of realism and surrealism that showcases how games can be forms of art.

Gameplay is your classic point and click. There will be places for you to explore, people to talk with, and puzzles to solve. Choices will be left open for you to make whatever decision you feel is right, and these will have a direct impact on the game and how it ends.

The story is based on real legends and beliefs, which interests me greatly as I love learning about things while having fun. This is why I watch TV series such as Vikings, and why I was quite pleased with myself when I knew how to make bronze because of my experiences on Runescape. Games have such an influence over children and teenagers that it is great when there is some truth behind them.

Exgenesis Mystery Door

I have never made a video game myself, so I know nothing about how much they cost to develop. What I suspect is that half the indie studios invest the money in some shady operation, and this is what allows them to make such high-quality games with minimal funds. I also know that I am scared of flexible funding, especially with video games.

At the moment, Exgenesis has raised nearly £200. They still have just over two weeks left but, if it was to end now, how much would that money actually buy?

In one of their recent updates, they announced that; “If we don’t reach our goal, we will almost certainly develop the game anyway, even if with some compromises.” When the campaign ends, I intend to find out how big the compromises are, or hopefully what else they can throw in after blasting pass their goal.


This is a general warning with any crowd-funding campaign. Just because the project receives coverage from many websites, hits its funding goal and looks good, does not mean that it will necessarily be finished. Of course, we hope that if a company is trusted with money to finish a game, they will. However, some don’t.

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