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Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni, Project Morpheus; three of the most widely known pieces of virtual reality technology that are currently in development.

Most of us have dreamed about this technology since we were old enough to understand it. I have often thought about being transported inside a game, and trying to survive without a handy re-spawn button. Just imagine how much harder you would work to ensure your survival if your life depended on it. (Call of Duty would be responsible for the eradication of those annoying 12-year-olds. No complaint there.)

Sadly, the technology to make that happen is not currently available. However, with the help of the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, and all the backers that rallied behind them, both Oculus and Virtuix are able to take that first step towards it. As of yet, neither company has announced a solid release date for commercial versions, but the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is available for $350 USD from their official website. (WARNING: Do not use the Oculus Rift while recovering from a hangover. GeekParty’s Josh Wirtanen learnt from experience.)

Project Morpheus

Earlier this year Sony announced the development of their own piece of VR tech, Project Morpheus, which Rolling Stone’s Stephen Garrett considers to be superior to the Oculus Rift. My view is that, despite the backlash after Facebook’s acquisition of the Oculus Rift, it will outsell it’s competitor due to the individual markets they are both tackling. Project Morpheus is sounding like a PlayStation 4 exclusive, whereas Oculus Rift looks to target major consoles and mobile devices.

I am really excited about all of this new technology because of the possibilities not only for video games, but for the entertainment industry as a whole. I have heard about the Game of Thrones experience, and would love to see more things like it in the future. Wouldn’t it be great to be in control of where you look during a movie? Everyone would have different experiences, and conversations would be a lot more interesting when one person missed a detail, while another saw the killer climb out the window, etc.

If successful, we could see other companies getting involved in the industry with their own hardware, thus driving prices lower and technology further. If not, that could spell the end of VR tech for the next 10+ years as companies are scared of making a big investment, just to make a loss in the long run. From what I am hearing, it looks as though it will be the former. (Note to all those developing VR teach, please don’t release sub-par products and kill the industry before it has even had a chance. Thanks. Love you!)

– Callum

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