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Imagine, if you will, a battle between pilots who are wall-running, leaping into the air amidst an army. Add in some huge metal robots equipped with weapons of mass destruction and the ability to go nuclear upon destruction. This is Titanfall.

Titanfall is the debut game from Respawn Entertainment that seeks to bring innovation into the first-person shooter market. Unlike other major shooters out there, players will be able to mount up into giant robots and begin laying down some serious fire-power. Available from March 11th at £45 GBP/$70 USD, Titanfall looks ready to blast the more repetitive franchises into oblivion.

Over the past few days, Xbox One and PC users have had the chance to play the beta. This gave people a chance to take a look at the various features within Titanfall, while the developers could stress test the servers and learn of any bugs which may have escaped them before. It was originally due to end today but, due to downtime, has been extended until tomorrow. Xbox One users will be able to access Titanfall via their dashboard, whereas any PC users who didn’t sign up beforehand will have to wait until March 11th.

So far, I have played over 10 hours of Titanfall and enjoyed everything. I have never really played too many fast-paced FPS games, bar the occasional visit round my friends, but I can see Titanfall as something I would happily play during my downtime. Even if you struggle to kill any pilots or titans, you still feel as though you have contributed something because there are tons of NPCs you can wreck havoc against.

These NPCs are either grunts or spectres. Spectres can be hacked and will become minions who follow the player and protect them. Grunts can often be heard yelling commands at each other, or found helping their fallen comrades. The two groups add to the atmosphere and ensure minimal downtime in game-play.

Titanfall PR 3

Combat is similar to other FPS games, although there is the added ability of wall-running as a pilot. When timed perfectly with a shot from your smart pistol, a gun which auto-locks onto targets after a period of time, you can pull of some pretty sexy moves.

When people start calling in their titans, the whole of the game changes. Unmounted pilots are safer running from building to building, but can deal some serious damage by throwing grenades, using their anti-titan weapons or riding an enemy titan and shooting the insides. Titans begin ruling the open areas and laying down extreme fire-power upon all who get in their way, including other titans. The ability to rip pilots out of their titans adds to the ‘awesome’ effect which gets you pumped up for ‘just another game’.

Titanfall PR 2

I have yet to encounter any bugs, although I regularly stress out about the sneaky ninjas who equip enhanced targeting, smart pistols and kill me from behind. However, I know that if I bothered to turn round I could probably take them out before they had a chance.

Honestly, I could happily play the beta for days on end without getting bored. Even with only two maps on Attrition, I have managed to entertain myself for over 10 hours and still don’t feel the need to find another game to fill my downtime. I look forward to checking out the complete package on March 11th.

– Callum

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