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The Universim is a game very much in the same vein of a game like Reus – a civilisation world-building game, but this one has a unique slant. The Universim has an innovative idea of showing a progressive world, in very much a kind of advancement style. You can go all the way from the Stone Age to the Space Age. The concept is that you influence the building of a civilisation, but you cannot control it. You help decide what they do and how they do it, watching as it happens.

The game has wonderful sound assets. You can check out many of them on their Kickstarter, and they are extremely suitable for the tone of the game. The music makes you think of conquest and innovation, each piece being unique in its own right and very easy to listen to. Some of the music gets very bold and daring towards the end, becoming particularly courageous or striking. In particular, Dense Atmosphere starts off slow then builds up until it becomes this huge piece of striking music.

The Universim Style

I personally haven’t seen this style used in anything else beforehand – I think it sets the tone of the game. It is a bit like a cross between a blocky, simple style and a very cartoonesque, but detailed style. It fits great together with the sound, giving feelings that the game will be a particularly light hearted, peaceful game, with difficult and challenging undertones.

I have no personal hands-on experience with game-play, but as mentioned above, the game doesn’t let you control the game directly. You can influence and guide, but they can just as easily ignore you or just not pay attention, which sets the scene for many future challenging, interesting experiences. As you have no direct control over a lot of things, you have to leave it up to the people themselves and hope that their good judgement will see them through.

In conclusion, I believe The Universim will be a very interesting, different game from most others I have seen. It’s different look on the simulation genre will result in a great deal more innovation in future. The game is currently on track to its goal, with over £250,000 of its £320,000 pledged and still 7 days remaining. I look forward to seeing the game on Steam, and being able to play it for myself.

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