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Last year, I covered a prison break game on Kickstarter. At that point, the guy behind it was simply an independent developer with an idea. He had already released one game, Spuds Quest, and was looking to fund a second. His Kickstarter was a success, raising 237% of it’s $3,000 USD goal, allowing him to fund the development of a level editor, and multi-player features for his new title.

In February, there was an exciting announcement. Team17, the developers behind the Worms series, had agreed to publish Chris Davis’ upcoming title, The Escapists.

Before I begin, The Escapists is still in development. This means that everything I discuss is subject to change before release. At the moment of writing, it is in alpha v0.68b, and will soon be arriving on Steam Early Access.

The Escapists Vents

I have played the game for just over 8 hours, so have by no means explored everything there is to do. However, I have tried to escape more than a few times. Most of these attempts have been thwarted by the prison guards, but I have managed to successfully cut my way into the vents without them noticing this time.

My plan is to get access to the solitary confinement cells, and start digging a hole to the outside from there. Then, if they throw me in there for failing to abide by their rules, I can escape before they notice. Muhaha!

The Escapists is definitely a game that requires patience. You cannot expect to load it up and blast through it, like most AAA titles. You will need to be strategic, planning out your escape before you even begin dealing with any restricted items. If you try to rush it, chances are you could be finding yourself in solitary confinement, or recovering from your wounds in the infirmary.

The Escapists Morning

Do not be the guy who ‘does his time’, because I promise you that the routine will get stale after a while. You need to always be on the lookout for opportunities that may help you in escaping to FREEDOM! By this, I do not mean that you should go around digging when you should be working, but maybe sneak a guard’s uniform into a cell for use later, or gather timber for your tunnel, etc.

Before Early Access, I hope they sort out the controls to allow for re-binding, or add an option to change mouse sensitivity. Currently, I find it a struggle to play on my laptop because I cannot move the cursor across the screen quick enough to react to events. With my PC however, the controls work fine.

As new builds are released, I plan to keep this article updated. If you would like to know when I do, sign-up to this list:

– Callum

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