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The Breakout is a point-and-click adventure set in a prisoner of war (P.O.W) camp during World War 2. As you would expect, your objective is to escape. Like all point-and-clicks, it is all about consequences, logical thinking and is not afraid to punish you for doing something stupid or dangerous.

From playing the demo, I found the puzzles to be clever. An interesting thing that I have not seen in similar games, is the fact that you appear to have a weapon. I look forward to seeing whether, and how this will be implemented.

There is very little music in what I have played of the game. However, when there was music, it fitted the game-play. You really got that wartime feel. Everything sounded brilliant and was well-executed (literally).

The Breakout Art

By far, the art style is the most unique thing about this game. There is no doubt that a lot of effort went into this title. The 2D art deco look really compliments the 3D world and settings, making depth perception that bit easier, which is invaluable to 2.5D games. Everything moves slowly, plus, while there was a little bit of lag, it is unnoticeable and not something that will greatly impact your experience of the game.

My only gripe are the controls. Sometimes, it can be tricky to click on a specific thing. This is an issue in some point and click game. While the game does this rarely, it is still noticeable enough to be mentioned. Only once or twice in the demo did I have to stop and click a few times.

The Breakout is definitely something I would consider playing upon it’s release. Aesthetically, this game is beautiful. Both the sound assets and story work in a beautiful tandem. Although I am not normally a fan of point-and-clicks, The Breakout is on my wishlist. Currently, Pixel Trip Studios have raised £13,400 of their £49,500 goal. If you want to see this game sooner rather than later, check out their Kickstarter and press that pledge button.

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