Taking The Forest To New Heights

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Nearly 11pm. I decided to boot up The Forest and check out the latest update. I knew how to survive against the hordes of cannibals. Molotov Cocktails. What I didn’t suspect was that log sleds had been given magical powers.

After looting the crashed plane of the same old supplies, I quickly moved away from the area that I knew would soon be crawling in natives. My aim was to find somewhere to set-up, build a shelter, fire, and maybe even a drying rack.

Initially, I thought I had found a great location. It was at the bottom of the cliff, near a small pond full of fish. However, I soon discovered that there was an encampment not too far from the cliff edge. It was abandoned, apart from a couple of dead bodies dotted around. Maybe one of those great native vs native fights I have never witnessed before had taken place.

I knew it would take me ages to move the wood from the edge of the forest to my camp, so I constructed a log sled. Little did I know that it would bring my experience to new heights.

As I pushed the loaded sled down the cliff, I had barely any idea of where I was going. Thanks to the two logs on my shoulder, and the log sled, I could only really see the top left of the screen clearly. This lead to me going off the edge of the cliff and… flying.

The Forest Flying Log Sled

A whole new world…

Rule 1: Never let go of flying things. (Spoiler: You die.)

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