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Everyone loves seeing Neo dodge a barrage of bullets in The Matrix. Most of us have acted it out, just thrilled with the idea of freezing time at your will. In SuperHot, you can experience this amazing idea, without falling down when you try to bend over backwards.

I played the original SuperHot prototype back in September last year. The game-play blew me away. The feel of the whole thing was so elegant and simple. Despite this, the game was incredibly hard, but rewarding, to master. You feel so powerful with the ability of time control, although it does not help you negate the difficulty.

In other games where you have the ability to slow down time, you can still continue to wreak havoc. In SuperHot, the ability is only used to give you more time to think, and react. Physically, you have the same abilities as your enemies. Mentally, at least in the game world, you are a ninja.

The original prototype was very short, but displayed the main mechanics beautifully. There was an amazing corridor sequence where you had to make your way directly towards shooting guards. The difficulty of the game was also shown in a small, tight level which spawned enemies all around you. None of these great level designs have been forgotten, as we can see from the SuperHot Kickstarter page.

SuperHot started it’s Kickstarter with a large community behind it. It was the fastest game to be Greenlit. Ever. With 12 days still to go, it has almost achieved 200% funding. The expected release date is June of next year, giving the SuperHot team plenty of time to really pull all of the stops in this new, amazing, action game.

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