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Guide Bob as he seeks revenge for his destroyed home planet, Highworld, and the location of his love, Starbrite, in a colourful world inspired by games such as Mega Man, Jetpack and Binding Of Isaac.

Super Mega Bob is a 2D shooter being developed by the one-man studio, Jenito Games. Daniel Hall, the guy behind Jenito Games, has been working on Super Mega Bob for the past several months. He is now looking for $3000 USD to allow him to complete the game for Fall, this year.

Daniel Hall does not lie when he says that it is not purely a shooter. You can not expect to charge in there and start blasting away at everything. Instead, you have to be careful, and somewhat tactical, to avoid losing precious lives. Each level is like a puzzle; once you have figured out the pattern, it can be a blast (literally).

Super Mega Bob Game

From what I have played, it seems at a fairly finished stage. My guess is that the next few months will be spent expanding the scope of the game by adding more levels, monsters, bosses, and upgrades to ensure a reasonable amount of game-play for the $12 USD asking price, as depicted on his Kickstarter reward tiers.

With only 5 days left to raise $2000 USD, I ask that you check out the Kickstarter, download the beta and give it a shot. If it is not for you, share it on Twitter and Facebook; you never know what sort of games your friends are into.

– Callum

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