Is Steam Greenlight Useful?

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Steam Greenlight is a system where YOU get to vote for what the you want to see on Steam, from developers who haven’t made a game for the platform before.

Over the past few months they have, on multiple occasions, Greenlit 100 games all at once. While this is good for the games because they make it onto the platform, it means gamers are overloaded with stuff to check out. This usually means those at the bottom of the list don’t have a chance.

On top of this, a lot of the games put months of effort into preparing their Greenlight campaign and ensuring they keep everyone up-to-date with their progress. If they are released in a huge group, they are not getting the spotlight they deserve.

Honestly, I didn’t know Steam Greenlight existed until it was discussed on a podcast. I had probably glanced over and seen it on their page, but I had no idea how it worked and what it was for. If Steam are really passionate about supporting the game developer community, I believe there should be a regular section at the front of the store showcasing the great content on Steam Greenlight.

You may be thinking, why not boycott the system and use something else instead? Yes, there is other options available but they are not as prestigious as Steam, or widely used. Getting your game on Steam is probably just as good as getting it onto the shelves of GAME because the sheer ease of being able to purchase and download a game in a couple of hours.

I have spent hours juggling the idea of developing games and maybe putting a couple on Steam, but over time that passion has waned due to the problems I hear with the system. There is no real testing that seems to go on because during these 100 game bursts, a few shoddy projects have made it onto the platform.

It would be a great idea if Valve could contact some of the popular projects they have Greenlit and discuss any problems they had with the system, and solutions that they think would improve it.

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– Callum

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