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SCALE is a puzzle game, similar to Portal, which allows you to alter the size of everything in pursuit of your confiscated cat.

SCALE follows similar design elements as Portal; the ability to explore the world with the aid of a device and an advisory voice throughout the game. However, instead of using portals, you simply alter the size of various items – including the level itself.

Your name is Penny Prince, the inventor of the SCALE device and the one responsible for the accidental destruction of the east coast, killing over 9 million people in the process. You start in prison, but leave in pursuit of your cat, which was confiscated.

The ability to alter the dimensions of the entire world is such a unique feature that I think it would be a real shame if this Kickstarter does not hit it’s funding goal of $87,000. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fly on an over-sized butterfly, or shrink the level so they didn’t have to travel as far.

If the SCALE device existed in this world, I would buy a pack of bacon, open it and make it bigger because bacon is amazing, and so is this game.

Did I mention that if they hit their stretch goal of $200k, they will be bringing SCALE to the PS4? Well now I did!

Check out SCALE on Kickstarter

– Callum

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