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This may not strictly be a game, but Zombies, Run! is an app I cannot recommend enough.

Zombies, Run! is a gamified running app, developed by Six To Start. It follows your story in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Each mission is comprised of six audio clips, with your own music in between each one. During them, you are expected to jog/run at your own pace.

Before I got my current phone in September, I had wanted to run for over a year. My main aim was to get fit enough to attempt parkour. I know, it is slightly ironic that a lazy gamer’s favourite sport is one of the hardest out there. What can I say?

I had heard about Zombies, Run! from an article on Polygon, where an overweight guy had used it to help reach his target weight.

For the past 2-3 months, I have used it on and off, thanks to the great British weather. When the rain has let up for a few days, my distance has totaled around 10 km per week. That is more running than I have ever done, EVER.

Zombies, Run! Town

So, where does it differ from a playlist of sweet tunes?

The audio clips are typically of Sam, the radio ‘technician’ at Abel Township. His job is to make sure you are safe while collecting various supplies for the town. However, he can also be just a great lad to ‘talk’ to. Seriously, I have often found myself responding to him while on a run. Although he doesn’t acknowledge it, I still feel he is the other end of my headphones, and not an app that I download through iTunes.

Over the course of many mission, you will meet more people, not characters. Six To Start have done a great job in making them come alive through just six short audio clips, something that takes video games hours to do.

That is the thing that drives me to go outside every day and run, the people. I no longer get ready for a run in the woods; I get ready to collect supplies for the town that needs my help; I get ready for some laughs with Sam, and to hear about his past, what he misses from the old world, and what he did before everything went down.

You can also use the items you collected to expand and upgrade Abel Township. During every run, you will collect supplies and materials. These can be anything from sports bras to swords, and laptops to power cables. I still haven’t yet worked out why people thought it was a great idea to repair watch towers with the items listed, but it seems to work.

You can get Zombies, Run! for £2.49 on the iOS store. This gives you access to all 23 missions of the first season, and the first few missions of Season 2 and 3. For £12.99, you can grab the Season Pass and unlock everything, including races and custom interval training.

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