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Rudderless looks to be one of those heart-wrenching movies that constantly fail to make me cry. I don’t know whether that is because I am a horrible, insensitive human being, or that the movies I watch are terrible…

It is William H. Macy’s directorial debut about a successful father whose life is shattered with the sudden death of his son. Billy Crudup plays Sam as he struggles to deal with the loss, until he finds his son’s demo tapes and song lyrics.

After mustering up enough courage to play at a local bar, he is approached by a young musician who was captivated by the music. Together the duo form a rock band, and a bond that Sam never got to share with his own son.

Casting for the main characters is spot on. However, I am undecided as to whether Selena Gomez was selected for her marketing potential or acting talent. I have not seen any of the movies she has been in and, for a surprisingly minor part, she seems to be mentioned a lot more than Anton Yelchin, who plays the role of Quentin.

Rudderless is set to arrive to cinemas October 17th in the USA, but there seems to be no information yet as to when it will hit the UK. When I know, I will update the article and let you all know via The Daily Chill Twitter account and Facebook page.


– Callum

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