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Quarries of Scred is about a guy called Bob who has been having money problems, so he takes the extremely dangerous job of quarrying.

Last year, I highlighted three different projects that were pointed out to me on IndieDB. Over the past couple of days, I have been playing Quarries of Scred, which was one of the three games that has now been released.

Your name is Bob, and you have been having money troubles. You decide that the only way to get the money is to take on the extremely dangerous job of quarrying. And trust me, it is difficult. You cannot speed through and mine everything up. You have to be tactical and plan ahead.

The aim is to mine all the different gems without getting crushed by rocks or eaten by monsters. You can then upgrade your miner to add lasers, but be careful because a misplaced shot could cause a landslide that destroys some of those valuable gems you are working hard to collect.

Quarries of Scred

The only issue I have with the game so far, is the lack of background music. I have contacted the developer to see whether this is in the works. If not, you can always browse YouTube and play some of your favourite tracks in the background.

Overall, it is a challenging, little indie game that you can pick up for only $3 AUD or ~£1.60 GBP by clicking the link below.

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Quarries of Scred Official Website

– Callum

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