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My Collective Opinion is a piece I will be writing every Saturday that takes a look at the recent pitches on the Square Enix Collective platform. I shall tear them apart, highlight the best, and offer advice for future developers looking to tackle the Collective.

This week may have seen a drop in quantity, but there was a definite increase in quality compared to some of those that launched last week. One project even has a game demo that you can download and check out from their page.

Black The Fall

There was no way that Black The Fall was going without Pitch of the Week for the amount of effort they have clearly put into their Collective campaign. It has everything from banners for all the different sections, to a great balance of images and text. With the addition of a game demo, they nearly have it all. The only issue is the video that went on for too long.

Black The Fall Machines

In terms of the game idea, I find it both interesting and unique. I do not fully understand the metaphor, but I have always been a fan of the minimalistic artstyle that is demonstrated in both this title, and Limbo. Whether this is because the developers have had more time to deepen the gameplay, or that the player is not distracted by the graphics; I do not know. Either way, simplistic games seem emotionally more rewarding.

Sadly, the demo offered by Black The Fall does not connect with me in the same way as I would expect. Instead of feeling a tinge in my heart at the end of the first level, I felt nothing. I put this down to the sound, which I feel was not on par with any other aspect of the game.

Check out Black The Fall on Collective

Leap of Fate

Leap of Fate

Stupidly, Clever Plays chose to have an image at the beginning of their pitch, instead of the beautiful ‘Introduction Cinematic’ that can be found about halfway down. This would have been a lot more effective in attracting people’s attention, as videos generally are. Despite this, they can easily stand toe to toe with most of the projects from last week.

I am not a fan of the graphic style, although I am fully behind the idea of the game. I look forward to being able to wield magic in modern society, as it is something I have personally never experienced in a game. To be honest, I would rather play a mage in present day than medieval times because I feel it would be more of a challenge that throwing spells at defenseless axe-wielding warriors.

My worry is that Clever Plays will completely ignore the technological advancements that we have made up until now, and leave magicians fighting in back alleys rather than harnessing electricity to manipulate various computer mechanisms. For example, one could provide a magical pathway for power to jump from the wires to an enemy, killing them with a fatal shock.

Check out Leap of Fate on Collective

Tip #2

Do not fill your pitch with pictures for the sake of it. Be tactful is selecting pictures that clearly demonstrate a part of your game, and find a nice balance between images and text.

Do you like the first paragraph talking about the pitch? Or would you rather I focus on the game, and the idea behind it?

– Callum

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