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Take to the skies in a fully armed mecha and blow your enemies to pieces with a variety of weapons. That is what Project Nimbus is all about.

In Project Nimbus, you will play from the perspective of numerous characters. Each of them fight for one of three factions that took to the sky following a great war which made Earth incapable of sustaining human life.

As you play through the campaign you will fight many legends of the sky, powerful mecha who have proven themselves countless times in air combat. You must use your skills to dodge what they throw at you, and your weapons to tear them to pieces. You may be outnumbered and out-gunned, but remember what you are fighting for, the peace and survival of humanity.

Project Nimbus Robots

With the help of the Unreal Engine, Game Crafter Team hope to make a game where the combat is smooth, fast-paced and exciting from the outset. And when you have completed a mission, you will be able to replay it with any of the mecha you encountered. Yes, any. You can even play as the boss. How cool is that?!

Up until now, they have been funding the development of Project Nimbus with their own money. The £6,000 initial funding goal, which they have now hit, will help them complete it to a playable standard, but not to their ultimate vision. If you want to see machinima cutscenes, Oculus Rift support and an extended story campaign, they are going to need more money to continue development.

Currently, they have raised over £7,000, unlocking a Mac version of the game. For another £500, they will begin adding machinima cutscenes. Don’t worry, all of them will be rendered in the game engine to ensure it doesn’t interrupt gameplay.

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Update #1: Project Nimbus was successfully funded on January 26th.

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