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Prisonscape looks like a classic RPG from an older era. At first it reminds me of the visual style of Chrono Trigger and the early Final Fantasy games. However, it also appears to be a lot more animated and fluid – which is a testament to the game’s production values.

Based on the Kickstarter video, this game looks like any of the old RPGs we used to play, as well as appearing to have a turn based combat system with brutally detailed effects. There are no holds barred when it comes to showing everything from decapitation to mutilation in this game, in all of its older-style glory.

Sound-wise, the score is very appropriate from what I’ve heard. There is a substantial variety of music. I think it should fit nicely into the whole gritty prison setting, not to mention I really enjoy listening to the various tracks they have on the Kickstarter page. Overall, the game’s story, which appears to be very rich and interesting, is told via speech bubbles and is, in general, presented like an old Final Fantasy game.

Prisonscape Game

From a story perspective, the game tells the tale of your character, a small-timer caught for murder and sentenced to jail. The entire point of the story is to escape. To do this, you have to gain standing with other prison “factions” or face death before you can enact your great escape.

As well as this, the game has a slightly non-traditional take on the skill-up system. In order to become better with something, you need to study it first. This gives you increased experience in skill such as fighting and pick-pocketing, allowing you to have a better chance of escaping.

In conclusion, Prisonscape looks like it will be a very gritty, realistic, down-to-earth prison adventure, in the same vein as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. At the moment they need over half their $50,000 bid to succeed. With just a week left, I hope they can get it.

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