Pixowl Launches Charitable Campaign

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In support of WeForest, Pixowl have recently updated the iOS version of their popular 2D world-building strategy game, The Sandbox. This update adds the Mangrove tree, which can be purchased using mana. And for every purchase made, Pixowl have agreed to make a donation to the Madagascar reforestation project until May 24th, 2014.

If you have not heard of The Sandbox, it is similar to Minecraft in the way that the whole world is made from 2D pixelated blocks. You can choose to create elements, and craft a beautiful paradise, or wreck havoc with your godly might. Throughout the various story mode levels, players will create a variety of things from pixel art to chip-tune music and chain reactions to advanced contraptions.

Mana can be earned from completing story mode levels, earning achievements, or purchased with real currency. With the most recent update, you even get mana for just checking the game daily.

You can download the iOS version of The Sandbox for free from the app store, or purchase the PC Steam version for £6.99, although it is currently in Early Access.

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Source: Pixowl Inc.

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