Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition Gaming Headset

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The PC 350 Special Edition is one of the more expensive PC gaming headsets offered by Sennheiser, at a price of £169.99 GBP/$249.95 USD. It comes with a handy carry case that includes space for both the headset, and any extra wires, etc.

One of the first things you notice when unpacking the headset, is the lightness. This is great, because one of the problems I have found with other headsets is that they tend to weigh you down, making them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Despite the lightness, it is still comfortable, although you can feel the bridge on the top of your head.

On the right cup of the headset is a volume control. It is obviously designed for ease of use, as some PCs do not have keyboard shortcuts. However, I have found that it actually alters the sound in a different way when turned all the way down. What happens is voices tend to become drowned out by the background noise, and any noises behind sound extremely close while using surround sound.

PC 350 Special Edition

The boom mic on the left cup can be muted by simply lifting it up until you hear a clicking sound. If you cannot hear the click, there is good haptic feedback to let you know something has changed. This is the same for both earcups, as you will need to fold one of them to fit the headset into the carry case.

It is a real shame that there is an issue with the volume control on the right cup, as it is the only way to adjust volume on the fly. With most games being full-screen, you may find yourself going into the options menu, or using ‘alt tab’ to sort out the volume initially. Once you have sorted out the sound volume, the quality is great. I have enjoyed listening to many songs, watching various videos and playing a collection of games without a complaint about the quality.

As a self-proclaimed ‘professional gaming headset’, I would expect 7.1 surround sound to be a main ingredient; Sennheiser think differently. In my opinion, this is a huge negative considering first-person shooters (FPS) are extremely competitive, and take advantage of surround sound to help locate which direction enemies are coming/shooting from. What makes it worse is that they have cheaper headsets that offer what they have neglected to include in this one. They did have highly reduced sound leakage, with my phone struggling to pick up maximum sound at a short distance from the headset.

Using Audacity, the microphone has proven it’s worth by picking up minimal background noise when it was turned up to full. My friends on TeamSpeak have also pointed out that I am louder than most when using this headset. This would be an advantage to those playing games such as Call of Duty when everyone is shooting, or throwing grenades. Shame that it lacks surround sound in any form.

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In conclusion, the headset was designed well, but the focus was in the wrong places. It feels as though your money is spent on getting a lighter headset with more structural integrity, rather than a headset which would be useful in the professional gaming environment.

Check out the PC 350 Special Edition (UK)

Check out the PC 350 Special Edition (US)

– Callum Goss

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