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For most of my teenage life, I have been a fan of action-packed ninja movies. Unknown to me, I seem to share a similar taste in games. The last game I checked out, 10 Second Ninja, was incredibly fun, but short. I have now spent over 10 hours playing One Finger Death Punch, Silver Dollar Games’ latest release. My one word summary, KA-POW!

In One Finger Death Punch, you fight off enemies as they enter the hitbox to the left or right of your character. Grey stickmen are killed with a single punch, coloured stickmen have their combo listed underneath them, and those with crown on their head display a combo sequence after your first hit. To deal the punches, you press either the left or right mouse button, depending on which hitbox they are in.


I promise you that, despite there being only two action keys, One Finger Death Punch is far from easy. It can range from alright, to painfully hard. If you are one of those who wants to perfect every level, you could be there for ages. Yeah, it may be extremely satisfying to make it through a level with no misses and full health, but you will have many a rage quit.

Before you begin to judge this title by the previous sentence, allow me to clarify. Points should not be marked off a game because it takes several sittings to complete due to regular, stress-related, breaks. The only time you should do this is if: you have spent hours on a single level which they say should take minutes, or it is impossible due to bug and glitches. Most of the time, the former is caused by the latter.

Fun Factor

I felt the sound had a really big impact on my enjoyment of the game, in a good way. It seemed as though the more people I killed, the more intense the music got. This is similar to movies, where the music transitions as the mood of the scene changes.

Without the variety of levels, One Finger Death Punch would likely get repetitive after a few hours of play. Luckily for them, and us, they had a wealth of great level ideas which add to the difficulty, or just make the fighting that much more awesome. My favourite two are the light sword and nunchaku rounds, which demonstrate how beautiful the game can look.

Controls and Game-play

There was no problem in getting used to the controls, considering there are only two action keys. However, I found that each time I took a break, there was a small learning curve as I got back into the swing of fighting off the enemies at speed. I expected this, like I expect to not concentrate as much at the start of the day; It takes time to adjust to things, even if you do them on a regular basis.

Graphics and Sound

It seems that a lot more detail has gone into the background and foreground elements of the game, rather than the characters themselves. Even then, the only time I am really amazed by the graphics is during some of the special levels, such as the light sword round, where the visual effects are beautiful. This does not pull the game down in any way because the speed at which you deal with the enemies and smash them into the various props is too fast to really concentrate on the details. It could also be that the game-play was valued above the graphics, so the quality was lowered to allow for faster speeds.

I mentioned sound earlier, and how I believe the building up of the music had a significant impact on the fun factor. I proved this by actually turning off the sound, leaving only the sound effects. While the sound effects are good, they can’t stand on their own two feet, in opinion.


You are easily looking at over 40 hours of game-play, especially if you aim to complete every level in all three modes of difficulty. Factor in the three survival modes that make up around 40 of the achievements and you probably have another 5-10 hours. This is an INSANE amount for a title being sold at only £4.99 on Steam.

5 Stars

One Finger Death Punch is an brilliant demonstration of what you can do with just two buttons. It sets the bar incredibly high for future games which attempt a similar feat, and captures the atmosphere of an action-packed film in a simple game. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves action, or has the money lying around and want something challenging.

– Callum

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