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Blackish Games are working on the second chapter of their realistic space game, New Orbit, with the help of the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter.

After playing about an hour of the original game, there seems to be one noticeable improvement in the upcoming instalment, graphics. Unlike the white shapes I have become accustomed to, they are taking the jump to AAA-quality graphics and adding the ability to customize your ship, although some parts are exclusive to certain tiers of their Kickstarter campaign. I have contacted Blackish Games to ask whether these exclusive parts give the players an advantage in the campaign, or are just for aesthetics, and will update the article when I have an answer.

Studying physics myself, it is exciting to see that the ship customizer isn’t just a visual system. As you go about adding and removing modules, you will need to keep an eye on whether you have enough fuel or energy to power the different parts you have equipped, otherwise you won’t be operating at the maximum capacity. It has been designed so you don’t have to fully understand the in-depth parts, but by doing so you will likely be able to optimize your system to the extreme.

Other things that you won’t recognize from Chapter 1 is the addition of Challenges and the Open Playground. Challenges are there to test your skills, and is a way for you to compare yourself to your friends, considering there is no multi-player support. The size of the sector in Open Playground depends on the amount of money raised in the Kickstarter, but it is practically a free-roam mode. You start as a Triterian outcast and by destroying other ships, can upgrade your own, and eventually rule the zone.

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Update #1: New Orbit was unsuccessfully funded on January 24th.

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