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Yesterday, I sat down to watch the first two sessions of RollPlay: One Shots – The West Marches. I had already seen the latest one live, but decided to go back and see what had happened previously. As I got to the end of the third hour, I felt the urge to role-play. I knew there was no chance of getting into a Dungeons & Dragons match at such short notice, so I launched Mount and Blade instead.

Strider’s father was a veteran warrior. He fought for the Kingdom of the Nords, alongside King Ragnar. At the age of 13, Strider was told that his father had died defending King Ragnar against an assassin from the Kingdom of the Vaegirs. Since that day, he swore to seek revenge and be the man to strike down King Yaroglek.

Since then, he has spent years biding his time, waiting for his mother to pass peacefully, so that he can pursue his vendetta without worrying about the consequences to her health. Three weeks before this story starts, he buried her alongside his father.


A volley of arrows fly over Strider’s head as leads his small band of men into battle against a group of Sea Raiders.

“One day, all of us must return Valhalla! That day, is not today!”

He ducks as an axe swings above his head, before driving his sword upwards and into the throat of the unlucky raider. On both sides of him, his men are fighting hard against the tough enemy.


Before he has time to react, an arrow strikes his chest firmly, throwing him to the ground.

Mount and Blade Death

“We need to move NOW!”

A couple of his men have dragged him back to his horse, and are saddling him up as the rest hold back the Sea Raiders. Lukas smacks the horse and orders a full retreat.

One of the reasons I love games, such as Mount and Blade, is the chance that something AMAZING might happen. I have had so many one-off experiences that have kept me coming back for more.

Sadly, games have their limitations. That is where Dungeons & Dragons swoops in and takes the field. D&D is only guided by the mechanics detailed in the core books, but anything can happen in the world your DM creates. All you need is a group of friends/strangers, the Roll20 app, and some imagination.

RollPlay: One Shots – The West Marches is a livestreamed Dungeons & Dragons match, hosted by itmeJP, with Steven Lumpkin as Dungeon Master. Every week, they have three different guests join them for a four hour adventure. These guests are welcome to return and resume control of their characters, but are not necessarily signed up for every week.

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a world of mythical creatures. Each player controls an individual character, while one person assumes the role of the Dungeon Master (or DM for short). The DM guides the characters through a world, where they will complete quests, encounter enemies, and potentially lose companions along the way. During this time, players will act like their character and make a series of rolls to determine how well they perform certain actions.

Mount & Blade is a medieval action role-playing game that was developed by Taleworlds, and released in 2008. Players go through a series of multiple-choice questions to determine their character’s background, before selecting their stats and facial appearance. Upon entering the game, they are thrust into a world where five factions battle for control against each other, while defending against bandits. It is then up to the player where they go from their: Will they work their way up a faction, by battling their enemies? Will they take up someone’s cause, and help them reclaim their title as King of a faction? Or will they wreck havoc as a bandit?

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