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My Collective Opinion is a piece I will be writing every Saturday that takes a look at the recent pitches on the Square Enix Collective platform. I shall tear them apart, highlight the best, and offer advice for future developers looking to tackle the Collective.

Last week went by without ‘My Collective Opinion’ because one of the pilot pitches, World War Machine, moved to the funding phase. To support this, Square Enix Collective decided not to post any new pitches, and I hope to be speaking with Phil Elliot, Project Manager of Collective, about the campaign over the coming week.

With that out of the way, time to move onto this week’s pitches.


Torch Games win Pitch of the Week with their title, RUN. Like Black The Fall, they are going with a black and white style, but adding splashes of colour for impact. From what they have showcased, I am particularly sold on the image displayed below.


Sadly, this does not represent the gameplay. Instead, you will be playing from a top-down perspective as you sneak around the prison, avoiding conflict if at all possible. As you advance throughout the game, there will be flashbacks which resemble comic-book pages, and hopefully beautiful images, like the one above, will make an appearance then.

In terms of the story, you play as Isaac, a wrongly convicted murderer who is being targeted by people inside, and outside, the prison. Your mission is to escape, and learn why they are trying to kill you.

I would love to see more gameplay further down the line, as the current video does not sell the title well in my opinion. They have said there is a demo in the pipeline, so hopefully that will be out before the feedback phase ends.

Check out RUN on Collective

Battle of the Seas

From what I can understand of their pitch, DTM Games have a decent idea. My issue is that they have set themselves an impossible task.

Currently, there are eleven of them working on Battle of the Seas. Each of them can manage about 1-2 hours a day to work on the game. Despite this, they still expect it to take them 6-7 years. What this means is that, unless they get enough funding to quit their day jobs, they will run out of motivation in the next few years.

Battle of the Seas

At the start of each session, you select your captain. Each captain has various active, and passive, abilities to help you during the main phase. You are then given one minute to kit out your ship with weapons, armour etcetera, before you are thrown into combat against the other team. Your aim, destroy the other team’s base first.

Check out Battles of the Seas on Collective

Tip #5

Set yourself a reasonable goal. Understand that progress is what motivates you. Without it, your game will die before it is complete. If you do not expect to have the alpha complete within the next year, the likeliness is you will burn out beforehand.

– Callum

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