The Last Tinker: City of Colors

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At first, I thought The Last Tinker: City of Colors was a childish game. It turned out to be the game that has made me smile the most in the past year.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is an action-adventure game being developed by Mimimi Productions. It won Best Project 2012 of the Selected Project Contest at Game Connection Europe 2011, and recently won the Best Game in Show – Audience Award at Casual Connect 2014.

When I first loaded it up, I half expected to spend the entire preview being patronised by a bunch of overly happy, colourful characters. Instead, I spent the next 30 minutes of my life smiling as the game rose above and beyond my expectations.

The Last Tinker

It began with a beautifully narrated introduction that didn’t leave me sitting there, impatiently waiting for the game to start. I put this down to the music, which transitioned smoothly as the mood of the story changed, and the way in which colour was used to draw your attention.

I didn’t find the game-play challenging, but I understand that the preview only covered the tutorial. Even so, I enjoyed every second and was disappointed when the preview came to an end. Cut-scenes didn’t really crop up until the end of the introduction. Until then, you were merely stopped while a couple of sentences were exchanged to ensure you knew what you were doing for the section of the tutorial.

Out of the whole game, my favourite character was Biggs. He is this mushroom creature who has the goofiest smile when he follows your whistle. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as he chased me around with a big grin on his face.

You can definitely expect me to check it out when it is released later this year. Until then, go check out their site and find out more.

– Callum

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