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Warhorse Studios rode up to Kickstarter Castle on February 20th looking to raise £300,000 to prove to their investor that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a game people wanted.

After only 36 hours, they galloped past their initial goal and have currently raised over £400,000. This is a great start to their Kickstarter campaign, and a beautiful ending to their money troubles.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval RPG without dragons, magic and all those fantasy extras. Instead, you will be living a world based on 15th Century Europe, where after the kidnapping of the rightful King, a civil war breaks out.

Kingdom Come Stake

The most notable aspect of the game is the combat system. Warhorse Studios have been working with experts in the field of medieval martial arts to create a realistic combat system which isn’t impossible to grasp, but gives you more freedom to manoeuvre your weapon of choice in a way that keeps with the style of the period. On top of this, both you, your opponent and the weapons will react with each blow and parry.

Remember, Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t the tale of a hero, but a blacksmith who fights for the true heir. Therefore, if you charge into battle against an entire army, you will want one of your own. Unlike similar titles, combat against multiple opponents is a difficult feat that only skilled knights can handle.

You don’t have to fight in order to succeed in the various, unique quests handed to you. You could remain an invisible force who deals out fatal blows from behind and steals evidence from beneath the nose of it’s protectors. You could craft your words in such a way to win the hearts of those around you and manipulate them into doing your dirty work for you. You could even dabble in all three classes to ensure your back is covered in every situation.

When you are not following the branching storyline, you can choose to explore the world and watch as everything you do effects the whole system. What happens when you disrupt a character’s daily routine? How will NPCs respond to you after you have committed a crime? Will the economy struggle to remain stable after you robbed a local business?

Over the past two years, they have been supported by a private investor who has given them over £1.5 million to develop a prototype to show publishers and hopefully get the rest of the backing from them. With several close calls, their story is dotted with disappointments as one by one each publisher came back with the same shake of the head, except from a smaller publisher who were enthusiastic about the project but said that the risk was too high for them. Crowd-funding was one of two options left, the other was to drop the project and add to the list of free-to-play MMOs for the iPad.

Warhorse Studios chose to give Kickstarter a shot, and it didn’t disappoint. There is still more stretch goals to hit, with the second one only £75,000 away.

So, if you haven’t already, head over to their Kickstarter page by clicking the link below and support them in this labour of love.

Check out Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Kickstarter

Update #1: Kingdom Come successfully raised their funding goal and nearly quadrupled it by February 20th.

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