Just Smile | Christmas Countdown – Day 2

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A typical jam game that plays more like a beginning concept, than a finished product.

Smile was made during the two week Ruin Jam, which celebrated the non-existent demise of video games. It puts you in control of a male or female with one job, to make them smile. This is achieved by eating, sleeping, socializing, and maintaining your hygiene. If all your bars remain empty for 4 hours, it is GAME OVER!

When I launched it, I knew not to expect a complete experience. After all, two weeks is such a short amount of time. However, I do feel the game was too easy. This could probably be solved by altering the level in which the bars decrease, or throwing in random events that mess up peoples’ systems.

You can pick up the game from itch.io for any price, including free. Today my high-score was only 5 days. I could have gone on for longer, but I didn’t feel motivated to do so.

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