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Insurgency is a tactical first-person shooter developed by New World Interactive.

It is based on Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a total conversion for Half-Life 2, which was downloaded over one million times and won ModDB “Player’s Choice Mod of the Year” in 2007. It is currently available on PC and Mac, with Linux yet to be confirmed.

The only single-player part of Insurgency is the training. After that, you are thrown into multi-player and must work with your team, Security or Insurgents, to complete your objectives. With 9 different game-play modes, 7 maps, more than 20 realistic weapon types and various attachments, ammunition and accessories, there is so much fun to be had.

I played a couple of hours with my friends, and we found that when there was a smaller group with good communication, the games lasted longer. As the teams grew and communication died out, the games were shorter and typically one-sided. This shows that communication is key in the game, but sadly not everyone understands this yet.

My favourite feature of the game is that you only get reinforcements upon the completion of objectives. It reinforces the fact that life is precious and you can’t run across open ground hoping the enemy is a bad shot because if they are lucky and hit, that is one man down until some secures a base or blows up a weapons cache. Obviously, if you lose a lot of people early on, securing objectives is going to be harder.

They do have plans to release monthly DLC which will add new maps, weapons and features that players ask for. There is no news yet as to whether this will be free, or if it will cost. Hopefully, they go with the former otherwise people will be forced to pay in order to play on populated servers, which can sometimes lead to player dropping out of the game.

Overall, the game is there, but the players are not. I would recommend getting a group of people to play with you who will communicate over chat and hopefully the rest will join in once they realise it is helpful.

You can buy Insurgency on Steam for £10.79 until 29th January, when it goes up to it’s normal price of £11.99.

– Callum

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