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Have you wanted your own Minecraft server for yourself, or maybe for your kids? Did you not get one because you were confused? Multiplay, a leading provider in both commercial and consumer servers, announced today the Minecraft Server Starter Pack.

It is designed specifically for those who want a server that is ready to roll as soon as they’ve purchased it. You can kick and ban players from within the live Management panel, get players to contribute via clan-pay and, as always, have access to 24/7 support from the Multiplay team.

If at any point you wish to unlock more features such as mod support, FTP connectivity, or more than 4 player slots, you can easily upgrade to one of the advanced packages from within the control panel.

I am not going to lie and say it is the cheapest I have seen, but you are paying for a higher level of support than you will get from one of the smaller companies, which could be run by teenagers.

To order one of the servers, head over to their website: http://www.multiplaygameservers.com/

– Callum

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