Indie Games Highlight #1

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Today, I decided to check out a few indie games which had been recommended to me by an indie developer; Lenna’s Inception, Black Ice and Quarries of Scred.

Lenna’s Inception

Currently in alpha, the game is in a playable stage with no noticeable bugs or glitches. It seems that the focus is currently on the game-play, which is obviously the most important part, but in the future I look forward to seeing some actual story considering it is an action-adventure RPG.

I sat down with the game for a while and made it two dungeons in before I was defeated by the second boss, a witch. While the first boss – a bat – only charged at me from different directions, the witch fired a variety of projectiles at me which was unexpected and meant I had to change my tactics.

So far it definitely has potential; and I am looking forward to seeing the musician, Andrew Kay, finish off a few more themes and get them added in to fill the blank void of noise.

Check out Lenna’s Inception at IndieDB

Black Ice

After winning Indie DB of the Year, 2013, you expect a fairly well-built game, and Black Ice doesn’t disappoint. Within the weird TRON-like world, you have to hack into the various consoles and defeat the ‘security’ that protects them. Black Ice reminds me of those quests where your AI companion is doing something while you have to defeat all the enemies in the area.

It is currently available on Windows, Linux and Mac in 0.1.600 and plays fairly well, but requires a fair bit more CPU power than the other two games in today’s indie highlight.

Check out Black Ice at IndieDB

Quarries of Scred

Quarries of Scred is a simple arcade game that is surprisingly frustrating to play, and not because there is any bugs. In fact, it feels complete. My problem is that I move too fast when I should really be thinking and planning ahead.

The aim of the game is to try to mine the various gems and sell them for credits to spend on upgrades. You have to be careful though, because you cannot mine rocks, but they can crush you and the valuable gems you seek. I have been unable to get more than 3000 credits and I blame this on the fact that you are killed instantly if a rock lands on you.

Check out Quarries of Scred on IndieDB

– Callum Goss

Callum Goss

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