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History of the Demon Girl is a 2D level runner being developed by Silhouette Games, a one-man development studio. The aim of the game is to escape the underworld by running through each level collecting tokens and souls as fast as you can. At the end of each level, you will be given a score out of 10. This is by no means an easy feat, but at least you don’t have to worry about repeatedly dying, ever.

Danny has elected not to add a fail-state to the game. The only fail-state you will ever encounter is one set by yourself. History of the Demon Girl challenges you to challenge yourself. It won’t stop you from advancing because you didn’t get enough points, but you may decide to set yourself a target for each level before tackling the next.

Currently, History of the Demon Girl is seeking $8,000 on Kickstarter. I admit, at first, this does sound a bit steep for the style of the game, but Danny has worked out that if he works 40 hour weeks for 6 months, the money he is left with after fulfilling rewards, getting on Steam etc. will be equal to $6.66 an hour (100% working for the devil). That isn’t much considering the minimum wage in the US is around $7.

I had a little play around on the short demo and struggled to get above 5, although Danny assures me they are all possible, “I’ve only put levels in the game that you can actually perfect, so I’ve been able to get a 10 on everything… Currently the target times are 1:04, 0:57, 0:58, and 0:51 for the break level.” Show off.

History of the Demon Girl Cutscene

On the Kickstarter campaign, Danny mentioned that Japanese mythology has had some influence on the art style, as well as the Mega Man franchise and Katamari Damacy. I was curious to see if this was the only thing influenced by mythology. “Roku is actually the word for 6 in Japan and the tokens and title screen bear the same symbol. There will be more imagery and references later, but currently that’s all that’s visible in the demo.”

I highly recommend you download the short demo and if you like the idea, back History of the Demon Girl and unlock everything from desktop wallpapers to stickers and pins to a pixel portrait of yourself.

– Callum

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