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Cory and Andrew Trese have been making mobile RPGs since November 2010. Heroes of Steel is the first of their games to arrive on PC with the rest to follow soon, according to a post on the Star Traders RPG forum.

Heroes of Steel has been in development for the past three years, with the initial idea coming soon after the release of their first title, Star Traders RPG. They took to Kickstarter in early 2013 to raise $12,000 USD to allow them to finish the game, and surpassed this by over $8,000 USD by the time it ended.

Over the course of this article, I will be taking at look at the first hour of the PC version that came to Steam on the 23rd April, 2014, and offering my initial impressions on the game.

Heroes of Steel Game

One of the first things you notice when setting up the game, is the lack of choices. You are told to put together a team of four, but have an extremely limited pool of characters. When playing the game, you realise that this is down to the fact that there seems to be only one path you can take. In the whole hour, my only choices were made when moving my characters. I was never given an option to approach a situation in a different way. This frustrated me, as I felt there could have been other ways to get from where you start, to a town. Update: I have been informed by Andrew Trese that this is because I was still within the tutorial area, and that players have been discussing in-depth strategies on their forums.

On the other hand, I liked the tactical aspect of the game. You have to be careful about all the areas enemies can attack from, and ensure that the weaker, ranged characters can quickly get to safety no matter where the opposition approach from. I failed to do this a few times, ended up losing my thief, and having to re-do the turn. Luckily, I did not end-up in an impossible situation. If I did, I could restart from a previous point, with full health.

Heroes of Steel Equip

Annoyingly I discovered that, despite the Steam page clearly stating that players decide, “how to increase attributes, skills, and powerful talents,” there did not seem to be a menu for me to do this. It could have been that I had not ‘unlocked it’ yet, but why not? Distributing points is a relatively simple thing to do, so I doubt it would have been held back until later on in the game. This, like the team choices, prevents the player from focusing on their own style of game-play, which is important because no-one is the same. Update: You can only upgrade stats at camps, and I did not get to one of those in my first hour.

At the start of the game, they need to add more character choices. If they could include simple character backgrounds that do not spoil the story in anyway, that would be even better. RPGs are all about playing a role, but how I do I know which shoes to fill if I have not been told what the shoes are like.

Heroes of Steel Intro

In the future, I plan to progress further into the game. Once I have done this, I shall compile a more detailed review on Heroes of Steel. Until then, you can pick it up from the PC version from Steam, or Desura. If you are going for iOS or Android, I highly suggest checking out an article written purely about the game on that specific platform.

– Callum

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