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I am always on the lookout for good local co-op or vs. games. It is always fun to play with a friend when they are within shouting distance. Nidhogg was a great example of that but, what if you want to play with more people? What if you want just a hint more silliness? I would recommend Gang Beasts, a stupidly fun little 3D brawler in early alpha from Bone Loaf that will leave you wanting more.


In Gang Beasts you play as what I can only describe as lumpy, doughy humanoid characters. You waddle around in a drunken fashion, throwing other players out of the play area. In several levels this is through a grinder, pit of fire, or some other highly dangerous environmental hazard. If you punch people enough they will be momentarily dazed and knocked to the floor, giving you just enough time to pick them up and throw them out.

Gang Beasts Game


The controls are fun and loose. You can not be very precise, and it often takes several attempts to throw people out once you have them. That is where most of the fun comes from in Gang Beasts. You are trying to make uncoordinated blog men fight to the death with less than precise controls. This often results in large amounts of laughter. I have to say that the controls in Gang Beasts are perfect for the game-play, and contribute hugely to the enjoyability.


The game itself is highly entertaining and I have found that it is better played as a local multi-player game. One great thing is that you can play with up to four people. The other is the silliness that results from playing. Gang Beasts makes full use of the local multi-player experience. By this, I mean people’s ability and tendency to shout at friends playing next to them. While playing Gang Beasts, this is pretty much assured.


The level design in Gang Beasts is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. Sometimes. There are some AI levels which are short and difficult, almost to the point of unplayability. The levels optimized for multi-player, with no AI, vary from good to (as stated above) absolutely brilliant. The “Ring” is one of those just “good” levels. The whole thing is just a small boxing ring. The better levels take part on window washing gondolas, moving trucks, and Ferris wheels. Environmental hazards include large signs, an incinerator, meat grinders, and loose planks that will drop you into the deadly water below. Overall this makes for some great and re playable levels.


The game is completely re-playable, as long as you never run out of friends. The mental things that can happen while playing Gang Beasts means that this game will last for a long while. And the best part? Free. All of it. Not a cent of cost to players right now. Of course the game is still in very early alpha, but there is a ton of content available so far. New levels and features are being added frequently.

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– Dylan

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