Game of Thrones, Good Games Are Coming (Hopefully)

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Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, who do you fight for? Maybe you rather would take the black, or join the wildings. How would you love the choice to choose and stand side by side with your brethren as you fought for honour, power or money?

With Game of Thrones due to air tonight, I am reminded about my dream game based on the action-packed series.

My first ever experience of a Game of Thrones game was Ascent. Being a social game, I didn’t have high expectations. I knew it wouldn’t be anywhere as awesome as the idea floating around in my head, but I was hoping for something that could scratch the surface and keep me going until my dream became a reality.

Game of Thrones Ascent turned out to be a text-based RPG full of various choices that promised to affect the future in some way. Although it was fairly entertaining at times, I felt like I was being a given a choice of pre-planned paths and no opportunity to control any form of action. So, I moved on.

I then discovered the existence of a Game of Thrones game on Steam, surprisingly titled Game of Thrones. I got excited at the knowledge that the only direction they could go with such an action-packed series was something similar to Mount & Blade or Skyrim. I was wrong. They apparently thought that an RPG would fill the hearts of the blood-lusting fans. Thanks for the disappointment!

As you probably know, Telltale Games are currently working on their own version. It is set to hit the shelves this year, and will likely be similar to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Despite these primarily being choice based games, there is times when you can explore and shit yourself when a zombie comes out of nowhere.

My hope is that before the Game of Thrones series comes to an end, Bethesda or some major developer will secure the necessary rights and develop an action-packed game where you can hack and slash at your enemies to defend your house.

Who would you fight for?

– Callum

Callum Goss

Callum Goss is a current BTEC IT student who rarely talks about himself in third-person, loves games, tweets about random shizz, and believed he had invented the word ‘shizz’ until he Googled it.

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