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In 2013, we saw the development of the Oculus Rift VR, Virtuix Omni and OUYA console. Each of these were developed with money raised via the crowd-funding platform; Kickstarter, and all of them will affect the gaming industry in a different way.

Having followed Kickstarter for the past few months, I have noticed many video game projects include a stretch goal which will bring in Oculus Rift VR support. Quite a few of these wouldn’t have existed without the development of VR. One game which sadly didn’t achieve funding was Alone, a horror game which I felt utilized VR in a pretty nifty way. You were literally playing a game within a game as the walls between virtuality and reality broke down.

Although I haven’t seen too much coverage on the Virtuix Omni, I put that down to the fact that it isn’t as affordable or portable as the Rift , but in the future games may look at offering support. My guess is that the games will be action-based, likely FPS.

Virtuix Omni

At first glance, the OUYA seems a great console as it offers indie developers the chance to put their game out in the console market without any cost to them, apart from acquiring the console to ensure it works properly. However, there doesn’t seem to be any quality control in place due to the large amount of games that are now available, but only a few ever receiving good coverage, namely Tower Fall. I am expecting this to change this year as I feel most of the projects were released too quickly which is why only a few are ‘successful’ in capturing the whole community.

Kudos to the team behind Kickstarter because without it, none of these projects would have come to our attention. I wonder what you are going to bring us this year.

We have to remember that although both Rift and Omni went into development last year, both of them weren’t slated for release until 2014.

Imagine the amount of pride that would come with backing a project that changes the future of a whole industry.

So, what about future projects?

I believe we can expect that larger companies are looking into developing similar products at cheaper prices, but they won’t be able to begin making them because hopefully both Oculus and Virtuix have secured patents. If not, then there will be competition from the beginning which, due to the community support of these two projects, will easily be crushed.

It seems there is only one way we can progress in virtual reality from here, and that is 4D gaming. How awesome would it be to feel the chill of the wind as you tracked up the side of the mountain to your objective? The question is how can someone do this.

Honestly, I think there is a pretty clever way they could partially implement this that wouldn’t disrupt with the Rift or Omni, but I want to leave it to the inventive people out there. Also, if no-one manages to figure a way to do it, I always have that career option open.

This year I would like to ask you to support an innovative project, because the feeling of being involved in a few gaming projects is pretty exciting. Imagine the amount of pride that would come with backing a project that changes the future of a whole industry.

– Callum

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