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Steam Early Access is a questionable thing. It allows developers to release unfinished games to Steam, and charge money for it. However, it can be useful to funding the development process.

Bugbear Entertainment, developers of the FlatOut series, released Next Car Game onto Steam Early Access just over two weeks ago, after an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.

Before that, they had approached several publishers who turned them down on the belief that it wasn’t a game people wanted. They didn’t feel that a racing game full of stylish beat-up cars crashing into each other wasn’t exciting enough. They were wrong.

So far, Next Car Game has generated over $1 million in sales which shows how enthusiastic the community are about this game, but the question is whether it lived up to the sales pitch. Did the game actually prove to be as entertaining as the page makes it out to be?

According to the reviews on their page, it has been well received by some fans who have played the FlatOut series before, but one of the major criticisms is the amount of damage dealt by small bumps and a few feel that it has hit Early Access too early. The problem is, without it, the game wouldn’t have had this success or the necessary funds to take it the next step.

My question to you is, when do you think it is right for a company to use Early Access?

– Callum

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