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Multiplay has announced that Insomnia 51 will be hosted at Conventry’s Ricoh Arena from April 18th – 21st.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for any harmful side effects caused by following the title of this article. We do not endorse or support the message given in the title’s article, but we thought it was a cool play on words, considering the gaming event covered in the following paragraphs.

If you live in the UK and haven’t heard of the Insomnia Gaming Festival, you cannot truly call yourself a gamer. It is the biggest gaming event in the UK, and today they announced that Insomnia 51 will be hosted at Conventry’s Ricoh Arena from April 18th – 21st. This is an upgrade from previous years and will allow more people to enjoy themselves over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Insomnia originally started as a big LAN meet-up, a place where gamers could connect over a lag-free local network with anyone else who turned up. Since then, it has expanded to host eSports events, panels and an exhibition hall, where you can check out the latest gaming peripherals, win some games and compete in open tournaments.

So far, they have announced that there will, once again, be a dedicated Minecraft Zone where fans can hang out with YouTubers such as BeBopVox, FyreUK and the Noxcrew.

If you would like to buy tickets, they are now on sale and can be purchased on the Insomnia Gaming Festival website.

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