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Are you an RPG fan? Do you hate excessive grinding? The Diviner may be the game for you. It is a single-player text-based RPG where every choice you make affects the entire future, not just the ending.

They may have already hit their original funding goal, but there are a few stretch goals laid out which will bring additional elements, content and illustrations. I am specifically hoping they will hit $20,000 because although Steam Greenlight isn’t perfect, it is the best platform out there (and it means I can keep all my games in the same place).

Visually, the game isn’t going for animated graphics. Instead, they are using illustrated images to show you the scene or the character you are speaking to. I don’t see this as too much of a problem, because the focus is on making these decisions which could affect the rest of your future. With animations, it would increase the workload and draw the attention away from what an RPG essentially is.

Now I haven’t played Wasteland or Oregon Trail, which are the two games they mention The Diviner is similar too, but I have read a few ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. Looking at the concept of the user interface, it is pretty much an illustrated PC version which changes depending on who you are and what you have.

As a text-based game, The Diviner understands words need to have a bigger impact. From speaking to people, you can begin to affect your overall reputation because the NPCs form opinions on you and then ‘tell’ others. So, like in life – be careful what you say.

To sum up, The Diviner is at heart an RPG. The graphics are simply there to give you an idea of where you are and who you are speaking to, but that is it because the focus is the choices.

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UPDATE #1: The Diviner was successfully funded on December 21st, but did not achieve the stretch goal for Steam support.

– Callum

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