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If, like myself, you have ever been interested in Pokemon, Deity Quest is an RPG inspired from the game we loved, but potentially more challenging, and strategic. It is the first commercial title of indie developer, Fancy Fish Games, and shows potential.

You play as a young god with big ambition who, after only recently being assigned to a world, has already decided to become the very best, the Overgod. To do this, you must convert and train followers to help you take the different areas of Aberos from your equally competitive rival.

From what little dialogue I have come across in the first hour, you can already get a feeling for your background, and the nature of your rival. I probably could have progressed further in less time, but I wanted to train my followers a bit more to prepare them for the first ‘tutorial’ battle, which took me by surprise originally.

When I first loaded up the game, I rushed in as I did with Pokemon. I collected the four followers I was challenged to, and although I beat her to the chase, my rival would have none of it. She insulted my party, but succeeded in proving how weak they were. This reminded me of the similar experience I had with Pokemon, when I was challenged by Gary for the first time.

Deity Quest Battle

What makes Deity Quest different, apart from the obvious story, characters and graphics/style, is the combat mechanic. Instead of sending one Pokemon after another into battle, you could potentially have all six fighting at the same time. All you have to do is ensure that the other followers are within the range of their attack.

For example, a follower with one range is better placed at the top of your party, otherwise it will not be able to attack. Whereas, those with a longer range should be placed further down the active team, so they can deal damage from afar. On top of this, you can learn spells to deal damage, curse opponents, and switch your team around, which may come in useful considering that Deity Quest has the ‘types’ mechanic, making water effective against fire, earth ineffective against air, etc.

I feel that the combat makes this game the step-up from Pokemon, especially for those interested in strategy. You can download the demo from IndieDB, and get the full game directly from Fancy Fish Games for £6.20 GBP/$10 USD, or £9.30 GBP/$15 USD for multi-player battles, extra areas, and an epilogue at the end. If you would like to see Deity Quest on Steam, head over to their Greenlight page, and vote it up.

Over the coming weeks, I will be doing a full review of the extended edition. So, watch this space.

– Callum Goss

Callum Goss

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