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A side-scrolling adventure based in 16th Century Japan on the historical siege of Osaka is currently looking for your votes on Greenlight.

You play the silhouette of an unknown Ronin soldier standing in the way of the Tokugawa regime. With beautiful backgrounds and smooth, swish animations; Dawn of the Ronin is a game where the visual style compliments the gameplay – as demonstrated in the screenshots.

Dawn of the Ronin Attack

Your journey begins after your only companion was slain by soldiers of the Tokugawa army. Looking to seek revenge, you join an army of soldiers called together by Toyotomi to defend the city of Osaka. As you venture forth, you will face legendary Samurai, unlock new stances and moves in a world where history and myth are one.

After only 5 days on Greenlight, it has already made it to the Top 15, but why can’t we get it right to the top. Feel free to click the link below, and support this beautiful game.

Dawn of the Ronin on Greenlight

Update #1: Dawn of the Ronin was successfully Greenlit.

– Callum

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