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Go To Bed: Survive The Night is quite fun, but is not suited for PC. It resembles a simple, enjoyable mobile game that one may play for 5-10 minutes, as opposed to something you would/can plow through.

I found this game a struggle to play in one sitting, especially after playing a few games previously, and clicking around the internet as one does when they procrastinate. Unlike any other game I have played, you are clicking solidly for between 1 to 2 minutes per level. By the 6th/7th level, I am beginning to feel the strain and have to bring my other hand in to direct the mouse. Despite that, I fail to keep the endless hordes of shadows at bay.

My guess is that this game would work fine with touch devices, because you are not moving a mouse around to click on shadow. Instead, you simply tap the screen and POOF, the shadow’s dead.

Apart from the main issue, I actually quite enjoyed the game. I found myself getting into it and shouting at the shadows a few times: “No! Go away!” When I wasn’t doing that, I was merely making a noise as I clicked on the shadows: “Boop! Boop! Boop!” The click-based gameplay is addicting, like One Finger Death Punch or the dreaded Cookie Clicker, but what you see in the first level is what you can expect from then on.

The shop doesn’t have much to offer either, and the toy box was pretty pointless without a dream catcher. If you clicked on it too early, you were wasting orbs. If you clicked on it when you were starting to need it, there wasn’t enough time to grab them before you got overrun.

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If you don’t have good spatial awareness skills, you may find yourself getting a lot more flustered in the later levels than I did. I was good at spotting shadows as the entered the screen, and spiders as they spawned in. This meant I managed to make it through the first two sections without spending any spiders, the in-game currency, which left me with over 100 to spend as I entered the third section.

Music wasn’t distracting, or motivating. It was simply there to be enjoyed during the earlier levels, and ignored when you focused on surviving in the later levels. I understand that the music gets faster as you draw closer to death but, as soon as that first hit struck, I never lasted long enough to enjoy it.

To summarise, there isn’t much to this game, but it is fun and challenging. It seems more adapted to touch screen devices in it’s current state, and I am likely to buy it on my iPhone for when I am away from my computer.

Go To Bed: Survive The Night is the debut release from Touchfight Games. The beta is available on PC for $4.99, and the iOS store for $0.99. However, the iOS version will be going up in price following Halloween. This preview was on the PC version, which was kindly provided by the team at Touchfight Games.

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