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No, not the law that gives citizens in the US permission to defend their house from intruders with deadly force, but a game that was recently released on Steam.

The game is based on The Castle Doctrine. You have to design your house in a way that makes it difficult for robbers to get access to your vault, but you must first prove that you can gain access to it yourself, without using tools. This is a great feature as it prevents people from designing impossible situations, which is always a problem with these types of games.

Once you have designed your house and proven it is possible, you can go round other people’s houses and attempt to rob them. If you’re successful, you get some more money to upgrade your house. If you die, you start from scratch. For this reason, I recommend you think extremely careful about all your moves before making them. Do not think you can try and speed through because you are likely to screw yourself over at one point.

I have been playing it for a while and have to say that it is the most infuriating game I have played in a while. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, but when you have spent some time planning and laying out traps, it can be the most annoying thing to have to start over again, especially if you were merely testing your own system. Why can’t you send one of your useless kids to test the traps?! You have two! Oh wait, probably wouldn’t go down too well with your wife… Well, what about getting a cheap toy robot and having them test the system?

Honestly, I have to admit that although it is harsh, you do begin to learn from your mistakes, you begin to learn that you can’t rush in because you can’t outrun the dogs, you begin to learn that you have to take things slowly. The developer has designed the basics of an exciting game which challenges you and makes you really think about the moves you are going to take. You are always on your feet because there is no knowing what you will come across next, or when that dog will corner you and rip you to shreds.

This is a game designed for those who are tactical, not for those who crazily go pushing buttons, hoping to find the vault just like that. If you try to speed through it, you will surely die and all that time you spent will be wasted. If you are careful, your time will be rewarded with success and over time you can begin to grow your own defences and make your own house a force to be reckoned with. Then, watch as people kill themselves in your traps via the security feeds. Or, if they make it past, learn how to improve and make it harder for them to rob you a second time.

It has a great structure but those who join later on are going to find it more difficult to make money than those who have been on from the beginning and already amounted quite a sum of money. I would like to iterate that this is not down to the developer, and is likely to happen with any game like this. However, I do feel that with a tutorial to show the basic features of the game to those who are new wouldn’t go amiss, and mean that people know from the outset that they can walk out of the front door to escape if a robbery isn’t going well.

It is normally £12.49, but for the next 20 hours has 25% off, making it only £9.36.

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– Callum

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