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After a leaked announcement from a Steam Dev days, people learn of Greenlight’s sentence and how it will improve support for indie developers…

At the recent Steam Developer Day, Gabe Newell announced that they would be moving away from Greenlight as Steam ‘evolved’, but what did he mean? Did he mean that Greenlight was being scrapped completely? Were they changing the system and giving it a new name?

No, instead Valve are planning to remove the barriers and make it easier for smaller developers to publish their games on Steam. How will this work? How will the system operate? These are the questions I plan to put forward to Valve.

To correct the statement from yesterday’s article, Steam only make 30% from any games publish on Greenlight, which isn’t much when you think about the extra sales Steam brings.

– Callum

Callum Goss

Callum Goss is a current BTEC IT student who rarely talks about himself in third-person, loves games, tweets about random shizz, and believed he had invented the word ‘shizz’ until he Googled it.

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