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Over the past week, I have been playing Broken Age by Double Fine Productions. It is the first act of a point and click adventure game developed with the help of the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter.

You play both Shay and Vella, voiced by Elijah Wood and Masasa Moyo respectively, throughout their adventures.

So far, I have not been able to complete the game as I am stuck on both characters, but you can be sure that upon it’s completion I shall update the review to reflect my new opinions without spoiling anything.

Broken Age Vella

The setting of Broken Age is so extreme that it easily yanks you out of this world. You know from the outset that you are not playing in a futuristic version of this galaxy, but a entirely new one. This is a great thing, considering the first proper progression of Shay requires you to do something you would never consider if recreated on Earth. Obviously, his situation is another explanation for what happens and that is why you have to think out of the box with this game.

I like their idea of having two characters because if you get stuck with one, you can switch to the other and come back later when your mind is clearer. This is a real problem with puzzle games because if you can’t figure it you, you tend to get infuriated quite quickly and you need a clear head to solve problems.

My only problem is the lack of hints. I am currently stuck with both characters and I think I know the next course of action, but not how to get there. I decided to play it as if it had already been released, and therefore do not wish to use the internet because I am likely to end up with a complete walk-through, instead of a simple highlight of the next move.

I don’t how easy it would be implement, but if it is possible, I feel it would be a great addition to the game as it would prevent stuck players coming across spoilers, which happens often when searching the internet.

Buy Broken Age on Steam for £18.99

– Callum

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