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Black Ice is a cyberpunk hack and shoot that successfully became one of the Top 100 Indie Games on IndieDB, 2013.

On Saturday, the Black Ice Beta launched and appeared on the store for a reasonable Early Access price of $5 USD, or £3 GBP. It is also hoping to appear on Steam in the near future, but needs your support on Greenlight to achieve this.

After spending some time on the Beta, it is definitely an experience that I haven’t come across before. Your aim is to use what is known as an ‘Icebreaker’ to begin the process of hacking into a console. While it does this, you need to remain alive by fighting off the spiders and aimbots, who strangely don’t miss a shot. *shrugs shoulders* Like most RPGs, you have a selection of different weapons and abilities available. You can earn these by successfully hacking into consoles, or purchasing them from the stores. I highly advise putting your ‘Icebreaker’ above everything else because the faster it goes, the less enemies you have to fight.

Black Ice World

The artistic style of the game, which reminds me of TRON, suits the game-play perfectly. I feel any advancement towards the graphics we see in AAA games, such as Thief, would actually take away from the game because you would expect a certain level of realism that the spiders and aimbots don’t fit into. Music wasn’t that distracting until I focused on it and began showing why I will never be able to ‘woo’ a girl with my moves. I don’t have any. At least not any ones which wouldn’t make her go bright red or laugh hysterically.

My only issue, that I hope will be dealt with before the final release, is the background. Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? Where am I? Why do I want to hack into these consoles?

Alpha is still available as a demo for those unsure about the game, although you will need to get Beta if you wish to play with up to ten of your friends. This is where being a loner comes in handy, because I can play multi-player with all my friends and still have tons of space for random people to FILL THE VOID!

If you enjoy the Alpha, go ahead and grab yourself a copy on right away to save up to $15 USD, or £9 GBP, on the final price of the game. I say ‘up to’ because the price will gradually increase to $20 USD, or £12 GBP, as more features are added. You will also receive a free Steam key upon it being Greenlit and there is three other tiers available if you’re interested in having your name in the game or making an item to be used by hackers everywhere.

Don’t forget to vote for Black Ice on Greenlight!

– Callum

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