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In the world of APEXICON, words are the source of all magic. Brains are stronger than brawn, intelligence is valued above strength, and nerds hit harder than jocks. So when the book which contains all past, present and future words is stolen from the ‘peacekeeping’ government, things gets serious.

After an unsuccessful campaign last year, APEXICON has returned to Kickstarter with a smaller funding goal and a lot more to offer. They have confirmed that APEXICON will be available on the Wii U eShop following it’s release, added voice-acting, and released an initial alpha demo which showcases their unique fighting mechanic.

If you have ever played Puzzle Quest, the fighting mechanic will be familiar. Instead of matching three orbs to gain mana and deal damage, you will have to form words from the letters available on the grid. The longer the word, the more damage you do. Starting a word with any of the letters that makes up ‘heal’ will reduce the amount of damage you do, but restore some of your hit-points.

As a person who has not played a puzzle RPG before, it was an interesting experience. I normally play a game to wind-down and have fun, but I really had to think this time round. Although I could have easily made many smaller words, I knew that it probably wouldn’t cut it in the long run. Therefore, I got my brain thinking from the get go and challenged myself to use words that one normally wouldn’t utilise in casual conversation.

Once the demo came to an end, I was disappointed at the fact that I would have to wait before I could progress further into the world. It has definitely made me consider checking out similar titles, such as Puzzle Quest.

My advice, if you have made it this far, is to check out the Kickstarter, and download the demo. This will help you form a solid opinion on whether this is your sort of game. If it is, click the pledge button and help them hit their $5000 USD funding goal.

– Callum

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