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I think I have decided that when I am old enough, I am moving to America – land of the first viewing, and the home of a lot of great TV series.

Originally, I sat down to write an article about how quickly a popular show fires out the second series just months after their first ends. I was directing my rage at The 100, which I believed had started several weeks before I found out.

When I Googled the air date for both the first and second series, so I could accurately state the time between them, I discovered that The 100 wouldn’t be airing in the UK until January. All the tweets I had seen about it had come from people living in the United States of America.

I completely understand that there are different rules/legislations across the world but I would expect that following the first series, there shouldn’t be much delay in getting the second series accepted and broadcasted sooner than three months. It is annoying, as I have to hope that I don’t stumble across any spoilers before I get a chance to watch it.

Game of Thrones has a great system. They understand that spoilers can ruin the experience, so ensure that UK and US viewers can watch it within a week of each other. This is why, when an episode was due to be broadcast on a US holiday, they postponed everything by a week.

Arrow is probably the worst for me, as I follow a lot of the cast on social media. Every week my timelines are flooded with teasers leading up to the American release, and spoilers for days after. Hell, the US are so far ahead that the teasers are becoming spoilers too.

If you live somewhere other than the UK or US, let us know what TV series you watch and how long you have to wait. If you live in the UK, feel free to moan. And if you live in the US, go enjoy yourself you lucky sods.

Callum Goss

Callum Goss is a current BTEC IT student who rarely talks about himself in third-person, loves games, tweets about random shizz, and believed he had invented the word ‘shizz’ until he Googled it.

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