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I have always been a fan of action packed karate films and the speed at which the good guy crushed his enemies. Although 10 Second Ninja isn’t a first person fighting experience, you still feel as awesome when you get that three star rating on a level.

The aim of the game is to kill the robots as fast as possible. The faster you do it, the more stars you get. These are used to unlock boss levels, which you must defeat in order to progress to the next area. Every area, apart from the first one, contains a unique feature to keep you on your feet and provide a new challenge.

It took me at least five hours to work through the main area and complete the ‘story’. I say ‘story’ lightly because it was more just amusing cut scenes revolving around the main boss, Robot Hitler.

Yes, I said Robot Hitler.

Fun Factor

My favourite feeling was when I looked at the time in front of me and realised that I had killed all the enemies in under ten seconds. It was even better when I was rewarded with the coveted three stars. A few times I did find myself frustrated when I needed that one extra star to advance, but I never got to a point where I rage quit.

Controls and Game-play

I picked up the controls within the first level, so literally less than 10 seconds. It then became a challenge to combo them fast enough to achieve the desired amount of stars to progress. There was a few incidences where I struggled to improve the speed, but a majority of the time it was due to me taking the wrong route.

10 Second Ninja Level

When you are playing, remember that there are several ways you can go through the level. Only one of them, if done fast enough, will help you achieve three stars. This caught me out a few times and lead to me spending several minutes trying to click the keys faster when I was likely maxing out for that route.

As you unlock new areas, you will be faced with new challenges that keep you on your toes and ensures the fun lasts for longer. These features are usually unique to that area, preventing the maps from becoming overloaded and probably near impossible.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics suit the style of the game. I typically believe plat-formers suit simplicity, rather than realism. This doesn’t mean the explosions aren’t satisfying, or that Robot Hitler isn’t looking his best.

In terms of sound, I didn’t find the backing tracks annoying or distracting and was surprised how well they fitted in, considering the length of levels. They aren’t memorable, which I put down to the fact that your concentration is on getting the best speed. If they were catchy, you would likely get caught up in the music, rather than the game.

The sound effects felt like they had been timed well. I didn’t feel they went on for longer than needed, which gave you a minute bit of time to enjoy the sound of each exploding robot.


Once you have finished the ‘story’, you can either go back through and ensure you get all three stars in every level, or take on the first bonus area. If you want to unlock the final one, you will have to earn every single star possible. I feel this could probably add another couple of hours to my play time, totalling around 7-8 hours.

After that, I don’t think there is much else you can really do unless the developer adds new areas on a regular basis.

4 Stars

10 Second Ninja is definitely a frustrating game, but a fun one too. It was hard to get those extra stars, but a boost when I got them. I am surprised how long it took me, considering the length of the levels and feel it is something worth picking up if you want a challenge. Those who get easily enraged and rage quit probably want to steer clear from this title.

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– Callum

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